Trendy living room color palettes

Trendy living room color palettes

Your?living room?should be a cozy, welcoming addition to your home. But some living rooms haven?t been updated since Clinton was President, making it look faded and dated instead of cozy and welcoming. If you?re looking to update your living room, consider these color palettes:

  • Look to babies for inspiration ? consider combining light pinks and baby blues, with splashes of dark color (in the pink and blue palette, of course!) to break it up.

  • Throw neon colors against muted walls. Consider, for example, a neon yellow pillow set in a slate grey room ? the bright colors will pop against the dark walls (the converse, of course, is also true ? but you run the risk of the room looking dated if you use neon colors on the walls).

  • Black and white is one of those rare color combinations that can look good with any other color. The brighter the ?accent? color in these monochromatic rooms, the better!

  • If greens are more your thing, consider light greens that are the color of soft moss, rather that dark greens that are the color of the forest. Also, these greens are best complimented with soft blues ? you can interchange the walls with the furniture with these color combinations, and they don?t go out of style as quickly as more bold colors.

  • For larger areas, darker colors are the way to go. Consider matching a dark blue with dark brown furniture.

In addition, if you have a dark colored room, and space is not an issue, consider accentuating the room with neutral colors, such as beige and white.

Another good color to pair with your seafoam greens? Pink! Yes, this color combination can give a room a ?candy crush? type appeal, without looking too corny!

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