Mini home design tips

Mini home design tips

There are some people that have champagne-and-caviar tastes?but only a beer-and-chips budget. Never fear ? here are some cost effective tips for?redesigning your home?on a budget!

Design?your motif around the best piece of furniture in the room. Do you have a favorite armchair, for example, that has a floral motif? Design the rest of the room around that!

Have a small photo or painting that doesn?t take up the rest of the wall, but you just can?t live without it? Don?t place it in the center of the wall ? offset it a little bit, then place a series of small photos or pieces of art around it. This will create a great, unique look!

Don?t push your furniture up against the walls. This creates the illusion of the room being much smaller than it really is. Instead, bring the furniture out to the middle of the room ? not only will the room look bigger, but the feel of the room will instantly ?warm up.?

Got a few four-legged friends? Consider this handy trick: make a blanket made of the same, or similar, pattern to your current couch. Put it on your couch when it?s just you and the pups ? when guests come over, remove the blanket & wash it. In this way, your dogs will be able to lounge on the couch without causing a furball problem for your guests.

Try to keep your kitchen island no greater than 5 feet wide and 8 feet long. Anything longer than that, and it will take up too much room in the kitchen and compromise the so-called ?open concept? design. Plus, islands that are too big are very difficult to clean!

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